01 Overview

Incentives help? Financing? Yes!

Large production or small, Cast & Crew Financial Services is your partner. You can count on us day in and day out.

And with the world of film and television production incentives continuously evolving, we help you stay up to date on all current programs to get the most bang for your buck.

02 What you get

How we can help you:

  • Production-incentive consulting
  • Production-incentive management services
  • Canadian production-incentive services
  • Production-incentive financing
  • Purchasing and procurement (Cast & Crew OnSet®)
  • Completion-bond services (Media Guarantors)
03 Production-incentive consulting

Navigating frequent changes.

Production incentives change. Continuously. We help you understand cost and location implications … and make the right decisions.

From our best-in-class incentive guide (TIP) and interactive web-based comparison tool to our highly experienced professionals, we provide the most timely and accurate information for production incentives in the U.S. and around the world.

Expert counsel relies on comprehensive jurisdictional knowledge and long-standing relationships with state and local film commission offices and taxation and revenue departments. That’s Cast & Crew.

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04 Additional business lines

Support and advice when you need it.

Production-incentive management services

Our services — in the U.S. and Canada — provide an end-to-end solution to studio and independent producers, including valuation services, advisory, evaluation, referrals to local service providers, application assistance and communication with regulators.

Production-incentive financingCCFS

Our experts provide you financing based on the estimated incentive you’ll earn. You’ll get the funds necessary now to produce your project — rather than waiting months or even years to monetize the incentive. And because our terms are competitive, we maximize the cash available to you.

Purchasing and procurement – Cast & Crew OnSet

Large or small, we’ll handle all your needs. Benefit from our knowledge of qualified purchases, significant price discounts and long-term relationships with the industry’s most-respected vendors.

Stay in the know with the industry’s most-trusted production incentives resource, our TIP Guide.

05 Completion bonds

Unmatched experience and expertise.

Together with Media Guarantors, we now offer full completion bond services and counsel. We bring unmatched experience, flexibility, security and responsiveness to a wide range of domestic and international filmmakers and productions. Media Guarantors: backed by an A+ insurer, with beneficiaries covered from the first dollar.

MG Icon We are your partner, trusted advisor and resource — delivering films on time and on budget.

Learn more about Media Guarantors here.

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