Modernize Your Production Asset Management

Simplified file management and secure communications, all in one place.

It’s time for your production office to evolve. Studio+ meets the moment as an end-to-end solution that takes production workflow to the next level. It’s convenient and adaptable, whether you’re working on a small set or a giant blockbuster.


Studio+ is Cast & Crew’s secure, easy-to-use, digital production office that works with our suite of products to support the many stages of a project, from payroll and pre-production through wrap. Our solution digitizes your production, protecting data and documents, streamlining projects with customizable workflows, and improving communication between multiple teams or departments. With all your important production documents guarded in one place, you can rest easily knowing your complex production lifecycle is protected and working with improved efficiency.

With Studio+,

enjoy a software solution that provides:

To get the most out of Studio+, use it in conjunction with Cast & Crew’s array of problem-solving products, such as MyCast&Crew, Start+, Hours+, and the upcoming Reporting+.

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Studio+ has configurable notifications, which let you decide what you’d like to be notified for while ensuring new uploads never get missed. Stay on top of your project with the convenience of Studio+.

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