Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Cast & Crew has taken significant strides in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the entertainment business by looking inward as well as out. As a company, we’ve acted internally to create a stronger culture of community and understanding. In our interactions with industry partners, we’ve worked to foster a rich tapestry of viewpoints and backgrounds.​
Our goal is to provide better opportunities for our employees by ensuring that we’re a community with a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences. We’re committed to actions that achieve and sustain our DEI goals, nurturing a culture of respect, fairness, and inclusivity among our employees, industry peers, partners, and community collaborators. Our DEI efforts empower individuals, cultivate integrity, and foster a culture of respect throughout our organization and the communities we serve. Join us in this endeavor. #OneCastOneCrew​

Crew Communities​

Our Crew Communities offer robust discussion resources and networking for employees with shared identities, experiences, and allyship. They drive collaboration across brands, fostering workplace inclusion, awareness, and respect. These communities encourage employees to connect over shared interests while providing vital support and space for authenticity.​
  • Women@Cast&Crew empowers women in their careers, fosters growth, mentorship, and networking. We strive for a workplace of equal opportunity that celebrates women and their contributions across our organization and industry. ​
  • Black@Cast&Crew provides a secure space and company presence within and beyond our community, fostering growth and professional development for Black employees. We strive to share cultural familiarities, expand inclusivity, and promote well-being through networking, sponsorships, and partnerships. ​
  • RisingProfessionals@Cast&Crew fosters leadership through networking and development, bridging gaps and enabling growth while celebrating achievements. Our mission is to empower employees to pursue fulfilling careers by offering networking, education, and inspiration. ​
  • Pride@Cast&Crew promotes inclusivity among Cast & Crew employees, including the LGBTQIA+ community, through strong connections, resources, and opportunities, with a vision of prioritizing inclusivity and celebrating each member’s uniqueness and contributions.

For ourselves and our audiences

At Cast & Crew, we’re committed to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, from within our company and throughout our broader industry. Our blog and social media platforms honor cultural observances like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, and others. Explore some of our celebratory posts below:


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Our network of progressive partnerships

We’re proud to support many wonderful organizations that empower individuals and propel initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion, including:
  • Kids In The Spotlight
    Since 2009, KITS has empowered over 850 youth from foster care to create 85+ films. Participants write, act, and star in their own shorts and have the opportunity to screen them during the annual KITS Film Awards.
  • The Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley
    The Boys & Girls Club aims to empower all youth to achieve their potential as responsible citizens by offering a comprehensive Club Experience. This includes ensuring graduation, life planning, character, and health, especially for underserved youth, while also bridging education and health gaps.
  • Motion Picture Television Fund
    The MPTF is on a mission to aid both active and retired members of the entertainment industry by providing a robust safety net woven from an array of health and social services. These encompass temporary financial relief, expert case management, and residential living solutions.

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