Instant Full Data Access

Enhance production decision-making with speed and insight.

Access your data anytime, anywhere with Reporting+. Streamline your workflow using templated, customizable reports for quick analysis of your production’s payroll and HR data. Make better project and budget decisions with on-demand insights into demographics, workers’ compensation, payroll, and more.

Schedule reports at your convenience—weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule. With Reporting+, your payroll and HR data are always accessible when you need it.

Reporting+ offers the flexibility to create custom reports, along with a range of popular templates for enhanced visibility, such as:

  • Payroll register
  • Employer taxes
  • Total earnings by project
  • Screen credit name
  • Offer details

Maximize Reporting+ by pairing it with Cast & Crew’s suite of problem-solving products like Start+, Hours+, and Studio+.

With Reporting+, get an efficient solution that provides:

To get the most out of Reporting+, use it in conjunction with Cast & Crew’s array of problem-solving products, such as Start+Hours+, and Studio+.

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Utilize Reporting+ to leverage data across projects for informed decision-making, future planning, modeling, and tracking trends.

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Want your data even more seamlessly? Data+ syncs with your existing BI software so that you can aggregate and analyze with all your other sources.

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