PSL+: Your Global Solution for Film and TV Production Finance

The ultimate global solution for film and TV production finance.

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With PSL+, simplify budgeting, cost tracking, vendor payments, and reporting effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate with other ERP software for enhanced efficiency. Modern, secure, and comprehensive, PSL+ empowers you to save time and manage costs effectively, ensuring your production stays on track and within budget.

With PSL+, enjoy a software solution that is:

To get the most out of PSL+, use it in conjunction with Cast & Crew’s array of problem-solving products, such as DPOStudio+, and Reporting+.

PSL+ and CASHét have united to simplify your production accounting. Our enhanced digital payment system caters to film, television, and live touring productions, seamlessly integrating two powerful and dynamic solutions:

1. CASHét is a Pcard that acts like a true credit card, providing a real-time online portal and expense reconciliation with digital cover sheets, that will help make your production:

2. CASHétPay empowers you to pay vendors from anywhere—digitally and securely—without the need for checks or paper, which will help make your production:

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