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Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for tax documents and wasting time tracking down old pay stubs. MyCast&Crew offers a centralized hub for crew members to securely manage all their personal, production, and payroll-related materials. No more digging through emails or personal folders or making unnecessary phone calls. With MyCast&Crew, teams can conveniently store and access pay stubs, year-end tax documents, and tax withholding forms whenever needed, freeing up time to focus on more important tasks.

Crew Can Do More With MyCast&Crew

No more doing the extra work of digging through old emails or personal folders and no more unnecessary phone calls trying to provide help when you could be focusing on other things. MyCast&Crew allows your teams to easily store and access their pay stubs, year-end tax documents, and federal/state tax withholding forms whenever they need them.

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Direct deposit ensures that your crew receives faster payments directly into their bank accounts, eliminating worries about missing checks and waiting for funds. To set it up, simply navigate to the ‘My Profile’ tab and connect their bank accounts. Once set, it operates automatically for all future Cast & Crew projects. For additional assistance, visit our Help Center.

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Now that your crew is registered with MyCastandCrew, enjoy our fast, accurate, and customizable start paperwork process with Start+.

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If you’d like to dive deeper, Cast & Crew is proud to provide product training as a courtesy on our robust digital workflow solutions. Visit EDGE Learning to join a session.