Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, most employers who employ workers in the state of Washington will be required to participate in the Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave Program (“PFML”). Premiums used to fund the program begin Jan. 1, 2019 and benefits become available to eligible employees Jan. 1, 2020.


Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave – Frequently Asked Questions


A conditional waiver from the PFML program is permissible in limited circumstances for employees who are physically based out of the state of Washington, are employed in Washington on a limited or temporary basis and are not expected to be employed by any employer in Washington for 820 hours or more in a qualifying period (four consecutive reporting quarters). Premiums must be assessed and paid until the waiver is granted by the Washington Employment Security Department (“ESD”).

If an employee works 820 hours or more in a qualifying period, the waiver expires and both the employee and employer must pay the missed premiums. Productions are responsible for the employer portion of the premiums.

Production employees who never intend to meet eligibility and wish to waive out of the program must fill out two forms. The first form verifies the production’s and production employee’s good faith belief that he or she is not expected to meet WPFML eligibility criteria and is therefore eligible for waiver from the program. Both the production and production employee must sign this form. The second form is the state waiver form. The production employee must also sign this form and Cast & Crew will handle all communications with the state regarding the waiver. Cast & Crew will communicate the state’s approval or denial of the waiver to both production employees and their productions.

Signed and completed forms, or any questions about this process, should be directed to the Cast & Crew Production Employee Help Desk at email: employeehelpdesk@castandcrew.com, fax: 818.492.4722 or phone: 818.860.7756.

Cast & Crew Forms

WAPFL Waiver – C&C Fillable (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – C&C Non-Fillable (PDF)

State Waiver Forms

Production employees should select one of the forms below based on the payroll company under which their payroll was processed. Employees can find this information on their pay stubs or W-2.

WAPFL Waiver – C&C Event Services (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – C&C TV Productions (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – Cast & Crew Production Services (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – Cast & Crew Production Payroll (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – Cast & Crew Talent Services (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – BTL Payroll (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – New Payroll Associates (PDF)
WAPFL Waiver – New CAPS (PDF)

The proceeding information is provided for informational purposes only, should not be construed as or relied upon as legal advice and is subject to change without notice. If you have questions concerning particular situations, specific payroll administration or labor relations issues, please contact your counsel.