01 Overview

Studio+. Workflow, done efficiently.

We’ve reinvented the way you manage production workflow by simplifying search, storage, distribution, collaboration and access. Studio+ is an end-to-end solution that supports you from pre-production all the way to post. Whether you’re working on a small set or are part of a larger studio, we work with you to scale to your workforce.

Built for you, for the way you do production.

02 What you get

Key benefits and features:

  • Easy and automated distribution
  • Search everything
  • Auto-tagging, facial detection and object recognition
  • Customized workflow and user roles
  • Script sides creation and dailies collaboration
  • Document watermarking
03 Watch now

Guillaume Aubuchon on productivity

Thoughts from our Vice President of Product on how Cast & Crew is building production workflow intelligence through cloud technology.

04 Features and benefits

We’ve reimagined production workflow.

With Studio+, you can search through the text of any document; comment in real time on any assets, including documents, video and audio; share secure links anywhere in the world, and administer and grant permissions to subsets of files. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with screenwriting software developed and marketed by Final Draft.

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05 Built for you

Additional benefits and features:

  • Designed with a modern and intuitive interface that provides mobility and ease of use
  • Built on a cloud-based infrastructure with end-to-end encryption
  • Supports up to 164 document types including: text, image, audio and video
  • Allows for flexible and customized workflow for easy and automated distribution
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