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01 Quality. Integrity. Security.

Free to be great.

We enable great content. Films, television, streaming, live events.

That’s what we do. We make difficult tasks easier. Think payroll, human resources, accounting, financial management and workflow.

Great content is difficult enough. We free you up to focus on it. And we think that’s a great thing.

So we’ve built solutions and software and, most importantly, linked everything together through a central hub. In English, that means Cast & Crew solutions talk to each other, making those difficult tasks we listed above a whole lot easier and simpler. And we think that’s a great thing, too.

We do. So you can.

Sounds great, right?

Our backstory.

02 Supporting diversity

Diversity and inclusion. It’s everybody’s story.

What makes Cast & Crew great isn’t just the stories we help produce, it’s the people who make the vision come to life. We are a diverse company. In gender, age and ethnicity. And it’s our diverse culture that reminds us daily of the importance of inclusion. In point of view, race, class, sexuality and gender.

The entertainment industry is a melting pot of interesting stories, histories and voices. It doesn’t pick and choose, but embraces all. Whether you’re behind the camera, a part of the crew or center stage, your story matters. Because it’s everybody’s story.

At Cast & Crew, our employees stand out from the crowd because they reflect the complete crowd. A look at our group in statistics:


We wouldn’t be Cast & Crew without our strong leaders. Visit our Leadership page, here.


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In The Community

Cast & Crew strives to make a difference not only in the entertainment industry but in the community as well. Visit our In The Community page, here.

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We serve a diversified group of entertainment industry companies for their payroll, accounting and production workflow management needs. Learn more by visiting our Industries Served page here.


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