Driving Growth and Innovation While Preserving Culture

August 23, 2016

By Eric Belcher

Driving growth, both organic and through smart transactions, is a responsibility shared by all CEOs. A subset of that group – top managers from technology and non-tech companies preparing for a digital future – has that challenge heightened by the pressing demand to innovate. These are well understood and accepted … they’re simply part of the job description.

In the recent past, a third and increasingly important element — protecting your company’s unique culture – has been added to the mix. Three balls in the air qualify as juggling. And when a fourth ball – acquisitions – is added in, you not only have a challenge … you have an opportunity.

We’re exploring that opportunity at Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, the premier provider of technology-enabled payroll and production-management services to the entertainment industry. It comes as the result of two recent acquisitions: CAPS Payroll, a leading payroll provider spanning multiple entertainment markets including commercial production, venues, music tours, live events, unscripted television and independent film, and Final Draft, the screenwriting software leader.

In fact, we are certain it’s a tremendous opportunity as we’re creating a company with best-in-class products and services, outstanding client service and a compelling and achievable technology vision.


Cultural Fit. Our three companies have consistent cultures grounded on promoting employee engagement and providing excellent client service. These will continue. Our team can expect to experience expanded career-path opportunities, top-flight training and support. Our clients can expect the same commitment to service and a provider that is strong, nimble and better equipped to develop and deliver critical solutions that solve their problems.

Accelerated Technology Vision. Cast & Crew, CAPS and Final Draft share a heritage of developing leading digital solutions, and understand that our future success is heavily tied to technology. With the continued support of our equity partner, global technology investing leader Silver Lake, our two acquisitions further accelerate Cast & Crew’s investment in technology and our development of digital products.

More Diversified Company. In the case of Cast & Crew and CAPS, we have very little overlap in our client bases; there is no overlap with Final Draft. As a result, we are creating a combined company with greater diversity and breadth across the media and entertainment production industry. In terms or our core services, we’re broadening our overall touchpoints in the entertainment industry – we’ll have a client base comprising film, scripted television, reality television, venues, live events, commercials and music tours. And Final Draft continues as the de facto industry standard.

Industry Leader. Our combined platform is well positioned in the dynamic media and entertainment marketplace. We have a clear vision of where the market is going and we are positioning the company to succeed in that environment. In fact, we believe we are re-defining the industry.

Growth. Innovation. Culture. The combination of Cast & Crew, CAPS and Final Draft addresses all three, giving equal credence to each one individually and ensuring they tie together seamlessly to drive the company forward. We are creating a dynamic new company that will be the clear industry leader. Together, we will continue to deliver and improve our best-in-class client service, accelerate development of innovative new digital solutions for our clients and nurture our very special internal cultures.

Challenges present opportunities. And that’s a good thing.

Eric Belcher is Chief Executive Officer and President at Cast & Crew Entertainment Services. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the motion picture, television, publishing and new media industries. 

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