Cast & Crew can provide cash to film and television productions when it is needed – during production.

This financing is based on the estimated incentive to be earned from a U.S. state or international jurisdiction.  By taking advantage of this opportunity, producers will have the funds necessary to produce their project rather than waiting months or even years to monetize the incentive.

Incentives will primarily take two forms:

      • Transferable tax credits – The production receives a tax credit certificate, which is typically sold to a taxpayer with a tax liability in the jurisdiction. Because the taxpayer will purchase the credit at a discount, the amount realized by the producer will be less than 100% of the value of the incentive. Cast & Crew Financial Services can recommend the appropriate partner to monetize your credit.
      • Refundable tax credit, rebate or grant – The production receives funds directly from a governmental agency generally without any discount being applied.

Incentives are calculated as a percentage of “eligible” or “qualified” local expenditures – the rules for eligible expenditures vary by jurisdiction (Cast & Crew can help you navigate this complicated landscape through its Production Incentive Management Services). Based upon the production budget, we will estimate the expected value of your incentive, which will serve as collateral for the loan. The loan is then repaid by funds provided by the government or proceeds from the sale of a transferable credit.

Cast & Crew offers financing at very competitive terms, to maximize the cash available to the producer. Exact terms will vary based on the estimated tax credit value, production schedule, estimated resale price (if applicable) and the jurisdiction.

Please contact Deirdre Owens at or 818.972.3201 for additional information, or to submit your project for consideration.

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