Cast & Crew Financial Services provides an end-to-end production incentive solution to studio and independent producers, including valuation and management services. By using our management services, producers can focus more energy on making their movie and leave the incentive compliance to us.

The Cast & Crew team is well-positioned to provide these services, given our strong industry relationships and extensive experience guiding film and television productions through the ever-changing incentive landscape. The Cast & Crew Production Incentives team has been a trusted source for studios and independent producers alike.

Our experienced team can assist and advise producers on all aspects of production incentives, including evaluating different jurisdictions; estimating the incentive; providing referrals for local service providers (i.e. accountants, auditors and lawyers); assisting with the preparation of the initial and final applications, and coordinating communication with regulatory authorities.

Cast & Crew differentiates itself with our thorough client service, as well as our competitive pricing. CCFS can tailor its offering to the needs of the client, ranging from a full-service, end-to-end solution to individual a la carte services (i.e. opinion letter, end-of-show clean-up and submission, etc.)

Typical services we provide:

  • Provide incentive estimate
  • Review initial application and ensure eligibility
  • Recommend local partners, as appropriate
  • Ensure the production is set up properly on the front-end to avoid key problem areas in the future
  • Monitor costs and other elements throughout production to safeguard continued qualification and to maximize incentive
  • Liaise with third-party auditor, as needed
  • Oversee preparation and filing of the final application
  • Assist in all communications with regulatory authorities, including audits
  • Monitor claim processing or documentation of sale of the credit, as appropriate

Please contact Joe Bessacini at or 818.480.4427 for additional information.

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