Production incentives continuously change, and producers need to have access to, and understand, the most up-to-date information – and the cost and location implications for their productions.

All Cast & Crew payroll clients can benefit from the expertise of our production incentives group. As production incentives continuously evolve, producers need access to the most up-to-date information and must be cognizant of how these changes may impact their project.

Cast & Crew has a proven record of providing clients with the type of information and the corresponding guidance that helps producers make the right decisions. From our best-in-class incentive guide (TIP) and interactive web-based comparison tool to our highly experienced professionals, Cast & Crew provides clients the most timely and accurate information for production incentives in the U.S. and around the world.

Our ability to provide expert counsel relies on our comprehensive jurisdictional knowledge combined with our long-standing relationships with key personnel in the state and local film commission offices and taxation and revenue departments. We don’t just pass along information that everyone already knows. Our team asks the right questions and shares this knowledge with our clients to help them make sense of the ever-changing rules and requirements.

Cast & Crew payroll clients can take advantage of the following complimentary services, expertise and benefits:

  • Exploration of location options
  • Comprehensive knowledge of jurisdictional requirements
  • Evaluation of the impact of caps, wage limits and local/nonlocal hires
  • Maximization of production incentives through the use of our local payroll offices and 23 locally sourced workers’ compensation insurance brokers
  • Communication with the appropriate regulatory agencies as questions and issues arise
  • Consultation to determine the optimal production accounting setup for the jurisdiction
  • Explanation of the valuation implications of different programs, considering factors such as refundable-versus-transferable credits, likely sale price and timing
  • Preparation of customized payroll and other required reports

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