Cast & Crew Financial Services now provides production incentive services specifically tailored to the Canadian market.

For many years, Canada has been a destination for U.S. and other non-Canadian filmmakers who take advantage of the country’s generous federal and provincial tax incentives, as well as the experienced and established local production infrastructure. Through our Canadian affiliate, Cast & Crew Capital, we provide an efficient one-stop shop to assist these producers in structuring their project correctly on the front end to maximize the available tax credits.

Cast & Crew Capital provides a combination of legal, accounting and financing services all under one roof.

Among the services we typically provide:

  • Establish and own (on behalf of non-Canadian producers) a Canadian production services company (PSC) that will manage the Canadian portion of the budget
  • Provide Canadian resident directors for the PSC, if needed
  • Register the PSC for federal and provincial business accounts, as required
  • Prepare production service agreement
  • Establish bank accounts
  • Track eligible labor and expenditures
  • Obtain tax credit eligibility/accreditation certificates
  • Prepare financial statements, tax returns and tax credit claims
  • Manage audits
  • Finance tax incentives (if needed)

Cast & Crew can be your full-service partner, guiding you through every step in the process, so you can focus on producing your projects.

Cast & Crew offers favorable pricing and outstanding customer service.

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