The better way to manage production workflow.

The Cast & Crew way.

We’ve reinvented the way you manage production workflow by simplifying storage, distribution, collaboration and access. Studio+ is an end-to-end solution that supports you from pre-production all the way to post. Whether you’re working on a small set or are part of a larger studio, Studio+ can be scaled to your workforce. Built for you, for the way you do production.


With Studio+, you can search through the text of any document; comment in real time on any assets, including documents, video and audio; share secure links anywhere in the world, and administer and grant permissions to subsets of files. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with screenwriting software developed and marketed by Final Draft.

Other benefits and features include:

  • Designed with a modern and intuitive interface that provides mobility and ease of use
  • Built on a cloud-based infrastructure with end-to-end encryption and document watermarking
  • Supports 64 document types including: text, image, audio and video
  • Allows for flexible and customized workflow for easy and automated distribution
  • Provides auto-tagging, facial detection and object recognition to enhance search capabilities
  • Offers simple script sides creation


Hear Guillaume’s thoughts on how Cast & Crew is building production intelligence through cloud technology with Studio+.

  • Easy and Automated Distribution

  • Customized Workflow and User Roles

  • Auto-Tagging

  • Facial Detection

  • Object Recognition

  • Script Sides Creation

  • Document Watermarking



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