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We hear you and we’re here for you.

Are you a production crew member?

Click the button below for FAQs and to reach our production employee helpdesk.

Are you a customer and need product support?

Click the button below to reach a product-support specialist.

02 We value you

Our customers always come first.

Whether you need assistance as a crew member or use one of our premier payroll, accounting or production workflow solutions, you can count on us to be here to assist you.

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Julie Case on Customer Care

Thoughts from our Vice President, Customer Care on how we are changing the way people think about product support.


“It’s brilliant that Cast & Crew offers the check inquiry line! No other company has an employee line for us and it shows your evolution and presence as a company.” – Freelance production employee

“I feel totally supported by your team and all your employees are always so accommodating and call back with pleasure. Thank you!” – Production employee



You can rely on our highly capable support team to care for your needs with the appropriate knowledge, expert  precision and a smile.


Need onboarding help with a new product? Our skilled trainers are here to get you and your crew up and running with our products and services.


Our team of product-implementation specialists guide you through the set-up process and can configure our products to meet your business needs.


We understand that your requests are time sensitive and we strive for the fastest resolution time in the industry.

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