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01 History

Commercials, music tours, live events and venues? Yes, that’s us.


Founded in 2002 with an entrepreneurial ethos, CAPS Payroll is a leader in providing payroll and related services to the commercials, music tours, live events and venues industries. Together with Cast & Crew, we also work with leading film and television studios.

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Integration into Cast & Crew

CAPS was acquired by Cast & Crew in 2016 and is now fully integrated into the company. Our teams — along with our colleagues from Final Draft — are all located together in our Burbank headquarters. We have combined some of our client services, and additional information can be found on our Support and Forms and Resources pages.

And while we’re now in a beautiful corporate setting light years away from our previous office in Culver City, our Cast & Crew friends have made sure we didn’t lose our well-known spirit. Installed in our fourth-floor employee cafe is a replica (right) of the iconic 50/50 Club sign that dominated the interior (yes, interior!) landscape of our former home. And it’s great because it reminds us of our humble beginnings, our growth and expansion and our commitment to providing the very best service to our clients.

That’s what got us here.

Digital Products

We offer innovative digital products to enhance the payroll, calculation and accounting processes unique to our clients. With ETC — our electronic time card application — customers can quickly and efficiently manage their production’s payroll, and employees can access their personal information and manage updates directly in the system.

CAPS+ is our corporate and production accounting software tool specifically designed for commercial (or short-term) productions. Support job costing and corporate accounting in a single application. Cloud-based, efficient, flexible and fast. And now with an updated look and feel, you can run custom reports and know that all information is secure.

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02 Watch now

Frank DeVito on Live Events and Venues

Thoughts from our Senior Vice President of CAPS on streamlining event onboarding and timekeeping through the use of ETC.

03 Solutions

Here’s what we can do for you.



We build lasting relationships with you by combining technological innovation, solution-based client service and operational agility. We’re quick, we’re nimble and we’re responsive.


Tax Incentives

Don’t leave money on the table! Our production-incentive management services encompass the entire tax-incentive process, from application and tracking costs to filing for your credit and handling the audit.


Labor Relations

With CAPS advising you, you get everything you need, from managing your workers’ compensation to handling unemployment claims and audits. And we keep you up-to-date on state and federal laws.


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