Kousha Vaziri Promoted to Vice President of Products

May 9, 2017 – Cast & Crew today announced the promotion of Kousha Vaziri to Vice President of Products.

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Jadja Najdziuk Promoted to Vice President, Corporate Technology

April 27, 2017 – Cast & Crew today announced the promotion of Jadja Najdziuk to Vice President of Corporate Technology.

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Eric Belcher Shares Digital Insight in The Hollywood Reporter’s Payroll Issue

March 29, 2017 – What took Hollywood’s paymasters so long to go digital? Despite the state-of-the-art equipment filling soundstages, a lot of Hollywood creatives find even fax machines intimidatingly high-tech.

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Jeff Caruso Promoted to Vice President, Sales

March 23, 2017 – Cast & Crew today announced the promotion of Jeff Caruso to Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

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SFVBJ: Burbank Headquarters Expanded

February 20, 2016 – Cast & Crew has leased an additional 20,000 square feet at its Burbank headquarters. “It is well-suited to our future plans and needs and we are pleased to remain in a location favorable to both our clients and employees.”

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The Real Deal: Cast & Crew Now Largest Tenant at 2300 Empire

February 20, 2016 – Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, a payroll and production management provider, is expanding its footprint by 20,000 square feet at Walton Street Capital’s Empire Center in Burbank and is now the largest tenant at 2300 Empire Avenue.

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Variety: Cast & Crew Completes Acquisition of CAPS Payroll

August 22, 2016 – Cast & Crew has completed its previously announced acquisition of CAPS Payroll from Uni-World Capital for an undisclosed price.

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CAPS Payroll Acquisition Completed

August 22, 2016 – Cast & Crew today said it has completed its previously announced acquisition of CAPS Payroll, a leading payroll provider spanning multiple entertainment markets.

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Media Recap: CAPS Payroll Acquisition

June 22, 2016 – Various media outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Variety and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal covered the news of Cast & Crew’s acquisition of CAPS Payroll.

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