Coronavirus Preparedness: Cast & Crew Service Continuity Planning Announcement for Customers

March 7, 2020

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an escalating global health concern. Cast & Crew is committed to supporting our clients and employees through any adverse effects of COVID-19 and would like to share some information regarding our plan to maintain continuity of service.

Cast & Crew has proactively activated our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan designed to prevent service interruption. In the event of any interruption to activities of any of our office locations, Cast & Crew has the ability to distribute workload across multiple locations and/or have employees work remotely, if necessary, to maintain continuity of service. 

Key elements of our Business Continuity Plan are ready to be activated should they become necessary in order to ensure service to our clients, specifically: 

Alternate Offices  

  • Cast & Crew has the ability to distribute our workload across nine offices spanning six US states and two additional countries. 

Additional Secure Work Sites 

  • Cast & Crew has an existing agreement with secure satellite office locations across the United States, allowing us to relocate essential personnel to immediately accessible offsite work locations.  

Remote Work Options 

  • Cast & Crew has established protocols for employees to work remotely and securely.  

Functional Priorities 

  • In the event that the Cast & Crew workforce is significantly impacted, priority will be placed on tasks associated with critical operations decisions and the continued on-time processing of all payroll. 

Cast & Crew is also following the recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention business guidelines and emphasizing that employees stay home when sick, exercise respiratory etiquette, and use proper hand hygiene. Additionally, we have restricted non-essential travel and elevated our routine environmental cleaning protocols. 

Public providers of reliable health information are also offering guidance on coronavirus prevention and workplace responses, such as: 

We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and adjust our business practices as necessary to maintain continuity of service. 

Thank you for your partnership.

The Cast & Crew Team

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