Instructions for Completing Timecards

Our company requirements for timecard preparation serve two purposes. First, they allow us to clearly identify the employee information and payroll detail, facilitating the payroll processing. Second, timecards are intended to conform to federal and state wage and hour law and union contracts, helping to safeguard against labor claims and union benefit audits.

In general, we do not require different timecard types or vouchers for union and non-union employees.

We do not use separate “start cards” for commercial, live venue, music tour, and background or reality production. Whether you are preparing timecards for commercial crew or vouchers for background talent, the same basic principles apply.

Required Timecard Information

When submitting timecards or vouchers, please make sure that the following information is included on the timecard:

  • Production company name
  • Project title
  • Union (if applicable)
  • Occupation description
  • Employee name and social security number (we require this for loan-out corporations as well)
  • Loan-out corporation name and federal ID number (if applicable)
  • Work state/location zip codes
  • One base hourly pay rate applicable across the timecard

Exception: Employee works in different occupation classifications on different days

  • Work dates
  • All start-times and end-times
  • All meal in- and out-times
  • Non-deductible breakfasts and walking meals clearly marked and break times indicated (union employees only)
  • Travel time clearly marked and times indicated
  • Travel-only or idle days clearly marked
  • Cost codes/line numbers/account numbers (as applicable)
  • Employee signature
  • Production approval signature

Important Notes

  • Altering in- and out-times without the initialed approval of the employee is unacceptable. Altered timecards lacking employee initials will be returned.
  • Box/kit rental forms should include a full inventory and estimated value of the rental item and must accompany all timecards where non-taxable box/kit rentals are to be paid.
  • Business mileage logs must accompany all timecards where non-taxable business mileage is to be paid.

Union Timecards

Any instructions to deviate from the terms and conditions of the applicable union contract must be provided in writing by the production company and/or the union business representative.

For union projects, employees with union job classifications will automatically be processed as union whether or not a union number is indicated on the timecard. (This does not apply to background extras, as both union and non-union background players may work at the same time).

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Forms

I-9 forms must be completely filled out, including the production company information. Back-up documentation must all be current and unexpired.

Forms must be signed and dated by a representative of the production company.

You do not need to submit copies of the back-up documentation. As long as a production company representative has seen the documents and recorded the document numbers on the I-9 form, the representative’s signature will suffice.

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