Ditch Paper and Go Digital With DPO Invoice Approval

How we do business is transforming around us and the urgency to shift to digital came in faster than any of us expected, pushing us to rethink, realign and accelerate innovative solutions in record time. As we continue to discover the expedited needs of the industry in this new shift to digital, it’s important to us that we can quickly pivot and respond to our customer’s needs, especially in uncertain times.  

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to limit the distribution of paper, a new paperless Invoice Approval feature for the Digital Purchase Order (DPO) web application is now available. 

DPO is part of Sargent-Disc’s Digital Production Office® suite of software and is designed to increase efficiency, save time and help productions work safely in this digital world we’re adapting to.  

The Benefits  

  1. This new feature helps to streamline the process of approving expenses safely and securely while working remotely, on set or in the office. 
  2. DPO helps productions work more efficiently under the post-COVID-19 protocols that encourage paperless workflows and the digital approval of POs. 
  3. Increases sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of a typical studio production by >0.5 tonnes of CO2. 

How It Works 

Track from Start to Finish 
  • DPO users can currently track deliveries and log invoices against purchase orders, whether full or partial. 
  • When logging an invoice within DPO, the user can match it against specific deliveries, allowing end-to-end tracking of the purchasing process—from PO to delivery, to invoice. 
Keep It All in One Place 
  • The new Invoice Approval feature allows users to upload PDFs of the invoices and send them through the PO’s approval chain, even if they’re being approved separately. 
  • A new Invoice Approvals tab within the approval list will display any outstanding invoices awaiting approval. 

Our DPO solution will continue to expand and enhance your experience. Future phases of development will include additional functionality, such as designating a separate approval chain for invoices. 

We’re Here to Help

Connect with us today us for a demo of Digital Purchase Order and its features at sales@sargent-disc.com

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