State of the Month

Film and television production incentives are offered by a large number of U.S. states, Canadian provinces and countries around the world.  The number of participating entities continuously evolves, however, as does the scope of the programs within each of those jurisdictions.

As a leading provider of an end-to-end production-incentive solutions to film studio and independent producers, Cast & Crew advises producers on all aspects of production incentives, from offering an initial, no-obligation consultation to overseeing the preparation and filing of the final incentive application.  We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which we share with our clients by producing the best-in-class tax incentive guide; maintaining an up-to-date, web-based, multi-jurisdictional comparison tool, and publishing a bi-monthly incentive newsletter.

Extending this sharing of our expertise, Cast & Crew is offering an informational series, called State of the Month, on our website.  Our objective is to highlight on a regular basis the various production incentive programs in states across the U.S.

Each month, this series will look beyond the numbers that each jurisdiction provides.  We’ll offer insight into what makes a particular state’s incentives unique, and what successes and challenges that state encountered in attracting productions.

Please check in monthly to review each of our new postings and watch for the monthly announcements on our social media platforms.

And, if you’d like us to focus on a particular jurisdiction, please send your suggestion to