Entertainment payroll is at the core of our business. For more than 40 years, Cast & Crew has provided the motion picture, television, event and commercial industries with superior payroll services.

Our people, system and operations are what make Cast & Crew different.

Cast & Crew’s highly experienced and knowledgeable staff of payroll experts is the hallmark of Cast & Crew’s payroll services department.  We hire and retain highly experienced staff.  We train and mentor them and provide important knowledge-sharing tools.  Our service-oriented team possesses an extensive knowledge of complex guild and union rules, and they understand the challenges associated with production and event payroll.

Every payroll situation is unique, so we compute and process payrolls based on your specific requirements.  Our turnaround is prompt, and we provide invoices and reports in easy-to-read formats that can be customized to your needs. We are proud of being the first company to provide secure on-site check printing. We make and report all payroll tax deductions and employer tax contributions, and file the necessary documents at year-end.

Cast & Crew’s proprietary payroll system was designed for ATL, BTL and back lot payroll.  We also support other entertainment payroll – such as venue and live events.  The system is highly flexible, scalable and robust.  It also is incredibly fast.  Millions of payroll timecards flow through the system without delay or incident.

The flexibility of the system allows customized payroll options, such as robust payroll reporting, detailed back lot payroll options, tracking and reporting, and detailed output files.

Cast & Crew utilizes concepts such as lean and rapid process-change to optimize our operations.  The approach has delivered tangible results: improved payroll cycle time … reduced errors … visibility into potential problems before they occur.

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