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New York Sick Time

Under New York City’s Earned Sick Time Act, employers with employee’s working in New York City are required to accrue paid sick time and supply employees with a “Notice of Employee Rights”.  This notice outlines the employer’s method and timing of applying the sick time.  Please be sure to use your timecard to report and record all sick time payment requests.

NEW Open Health Insurance Offering has strong First Month

Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, which provides payroll and production accounting services to the entertainment industry, today announced that Cast & Crew Open Health (the “Plan”) (www.cc-openhealth.com), a unique Affordable Care Act-compliant health care insurance offering, was well received by the industry in its first month of availability. The Plan, introduced on November 4, brings to the industry several solutions – simplified sign-up, budgeting and administrative responsibility – not available from any other plan.