Program Menu Bar

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The program menu bar displays the names of the menus for working with program screens.





Click on the name to open the menu.  If there is a keyboard shortcut for the menu item, it is displayed to the right of the item.   Menu items with an arrow to the right open to a sub-menu when you mouse over them.







The following are brief descriptions of the menus you can access from the program menu bar.


File - The File menu allows you to set up printer pages and exit the program.


Edit - The Edit menu allows you to edit and find (retrieve all or some) transaction entries.


Programs - The Programs menu (shown at the beginning of this section) provides another option for opening programs.  Although it uses a menu format instead of a tree format, the programs are organized as they are in the program tree.


Options - The Options menu provides a mouse-based way of accessing keyboard shortcuts for working with fields, working with entries, and for opening Help.  You can also use it to exit (close) a program.


Favorites - The Favorites menu provides quick access to programs you’ve added to your PSL3 favorites.  This function allows you to add and quickly access bookmarked programs.


Help - The Help menu provides several types of help, as well as “about the program” information.