Posted Transaction/Item Editor

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The Posted Transaction/Item Editor [glfix] program allows you to change distribution codes on transactions that have a posted or paid status.  Depending on your User ID access and studio permissions, the following distribution fields can be changed in this program: Account, Series, Location, Set, 1099, Insurance, Free Field(s), Description, Amount and 3rd Party.






Please email a request to if you do not currently have access to make distribution changes in the Posted Transaction/Item Editor [glfix] screen.  You can request 'Full Access' (make changes to all distribution fields) or 'Limited Access' (make changes to only certain fields). Please be advised depending on your specific studio's guidelines, the Support Department may need to obtain approval from your Studio Finance Executive before proceeding. You will know if you have access or not when you try to make a change in one of the distribution fields as a warning message will display if you do not have access.  For example, if you tried to change the account number and do not have access, the following warning message automatically appears on the screen:







To access the Posted Transaction/Item Editor [glfix] screen, click the 'J/E' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


You can also access this screen by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.




The screen then appears.




Reference Information:


To begin making distribution changes, input the Reference Number of the original transaction that you need to change followed by the Enter or F7 Key or select the 'Find' icon located on the toolbar; the transaction appears in which you can proceed with the necessary modifications.  Please note the only fields you are able to modify in the Reference/Header section are the Reference Description and State Worked fields.  All other fields in the Reference/Header section are not accessible.



Distribution Lines:


After inputting the Reference Number in the Reference/Header section, the distribution lines of the specified transaction default.  To change the defaulted codes of the original transaction, press the F2 Key or right click in any of these fields (Account, Series, Location, Set, 1099, Insurance, Free Field(s), Description, Amount and 3rd Party). Please note if you press the F2 Key or right click in the Amount field, a calculator displays for your convenience.








Please note P/C Entry [pcent] distribution lines will not appear in the Posted Transaction/Item Editor [glfix] if they were automatically created by PSL3; therefore you are not able to make changes to them in this program.  P/C distribution lines only appear in this screen if they were manually created.  An alternative to make changes to automatically created P/C distribution lines is to do so in the Journal Entry [jete] screen.






Please be advised PSL3 does not allow you to save the change(s) unless the original debit and/or credit amount remains the same as the original transaction.  Also, please be advised there is not an Audit Trail when using the Posted Transaction/Item Editor [glfix]




Helpful Hints:


Make sure to input all white colored fields as white fields are required before saving in PSL3.
To save this transaction, select either 'Save' icon located on the toolbar.        


You can also press the F1 Key, then 'U' option to Update which saves and remains on screen or press the F1 Key, then 'A' option to Accept which saves and clears the screen (most common).




To add another distribution line, press Enter or Tab where the last line was entered.


To insert a distribution line in between already existing lines, place your cursor where you want to add and press the F4 Key or select the 'Add' icon .  A new line is added beneath.


To delete a distribution line, place your cursor in the line you want to delete and press the F10 Key or select the 'Delete' icon .  A red strike-through line appears which is deleted upon saving.
To search for an existing entry, press the F7 Key or select the 'Find' icon when the screen is clear.  All records appear in which you can scroll through using the 'Arrow' icons (First, Prior, Next and Last) or by pressing the 'Page Up' or 'Page Down' Keys until you find the entry needed.