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Cast & Crew's Payroll Coordinator receives the time cards that have been submitted by the Accountant and enters this data into the Payroll System.  After Payroll is calculated, the Payroll Coordinator sends the Accountant an email notification with the Payroll Edit file attachment.  The Edit file displays how Payroll will be processed based on the data entered.

The Accountant reviews the Payroll Edit file and contacts the Payroll Coordinator if there are any coding modifications (hours, series, location, set, etc.) needed.  If so, the Payroll Coordinator makes any requested changes in which the Accountant then has the option to approve the changes or receive another Edit file for review.

When the Payroll Edit file is finalized, Payroll checks are cut and the Payroll Interface file is created and sent to PSL3.  The Accountant is notified by an email notification that includes the Payroll invoice number.

This section will address the following programs:


Load/Interface C&C Payroll Invoice
Payroll Entry
Post P/R Transactions/Edit List
Load Payroll/Other Company
Print Payroll Checks
Payroll History Report
Additional Payroll Screens/Reports