Additional Payroll Screens/Reports

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PSL3 offers additional Payroll Screens/Reports which are listed below.  Please note if PSL3 does not provide a reporting option you need, please contact your Payroll Coordinator as the Payroll Department has a wider variety of Payroll Reports including additional criteria and sorting options per your preference.





To access the following Payroll Screens/Reports, click the 'P/R' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


These additional Payroll Screens/Reports are also located in the 'Report' module under the 'Payroll' sub-folder.


You can also access these screens/reports by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.





To select criteria for the following reporting screens, press the F2 Key or right click in most fields to make your selection. You can also simply type in the criteria in the allotted fields. If you wish to include all criteria information, leave all fields blank except for any white colored fields as white fields are required before proceeding in PSL3.



Accrued Holiday Report [acvhrpt] - Use [acvhrpt] to generate a listing of a single or all employees' Vacation and Holiday Accrual Account totals ran by Social Security Number.  This report displays the Invoice Number, Check Number, Reference Number and Balance sorted by the employee's last name.


Payroll Invoice Status Report [prinvp] - Use [prinvp] to display the status of each Payroll invoice.  This report displays the Invoice Number, Reference Number, Description and Status (Posted or Not Posted) sorted by invoice.


Payroll Was/Is Report [prwasis] - Use [prwasis] to track and report all changes made to a Payroll Invoice file after being loaded into PSL3.  This report can be ran by Payroll Check Number, Employee Number, Week Ending Date and Reference Number. The report displays the WAS (what the original data was in the Payroll Invoice File before loaded into PSL3) and IS (what the data is now), detailing the changes for all distribution fields for each transaction on the Payroll Invoice File.






The reports are available in either Print, Preview and/or Spreadsheet formats.






Please email if you don't see a specific PSL3 report currently listed as an option in your database.