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The Load Payroll/Other Company [pr2psl] program is used to load Payroll invoices generated from Payroll companies other than Cast & Crew.  Production has the option to use a 3rd Party Payroll company for their extra’s Payroll locally or when in another country.  Upon importing, should your Payroll Data file encounter any errors (e.g., illegal/invalid account, series, location, set, etc.), this usually means that the file has codes that differ and/or do not exist in PSL3.  To correct this, add the necessary codes in PSL3 then review the Edit List again or load the file with the errors and make the corrections in the Journal Entry [jete] screen. Once the Payroll Data file is imported, PSL3 creates a new, unposted journal entry transaction which you can still modify before posting.






Please email a request to support@castandcrew.com if you do not see this program listed as an option in your database and would like it made available.






To access the Load Payroll/Other Company [pr2psl] screen, click the 'P/R' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


You can also access this screen by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.




The screen then appears.




Invoice File Information:


Prior to the import process, first save the Payroll Data file sent to you via email to your computer.  The file should already be in (.fil) format.


Invoice Number - Input the Payroll Invoice Number that you received via email.


Select File - Choose the (.fil) file you wish to load.  Please note that files are loaded one at a time.




Clearing Account - Input the Payroll Clearing Account Number.  The Payroll Clearing Account Number is used as the offset or the credit entry when Payroll transactions are posted.  When the invoice is paid, this account number is debited and cash is credited.



Default Batch Codes:


Press the F2 Key or right click in any of these fields (Batch, Production, Company, Bank and Currency) to choose the necessary codes if they don't already default. Please note whichever Batch Number you input here is carried through to the Journal Entry [jete] screen.  You can also create a new Batch Number with up to six alpha/numeric characters (e.g., PAYROLL) to keep track of all Payroll transactions.



Default Distribution Codes:


Press the F2 Key or right click in any of these fields (Series, Location, Set, Insurance and Free Field(s)) to choose the necessary codes if they don't already default.  Inputting the default codes here does not change the existing codes already on the Payroll Data file; it simply takes the place of any errors (e.g., illegal/invalid account, series, location, set, etc.) that have been encountered.


*Make sure to input all white colored fields as white fields are required before proceeding in PSL3.



Print/Preview the Report: Located in the top right hand corner of the screen, you can choose the following options to generate the report:


Print Edit - Opens the Print Dialogue box and sends the report directly to the printer.


Preview Edit - Generates a PDF format report and appears instantly on your screen.  You are still able to print from the PDF format.


Import - Opens the Print Dialogue box, sends the report directly to the printer and begins the importing process.


Once you select 'Import' and the report has printed, PSL3 displays the following message prompt:





If you select 'No', PSL3 asks "Would you like to reprint the register?".  If you still select 'No', the interface process is not done.  If you select 'Yes', you will receive a secondary prompt confirming the Payroll invoice is now loaded in which PSL3 will provide you the Journal Entry [jete] Reference Number for this invoice.  With this new Reference Number, you can still make any needed changes in Journal Entry [jete] before posting as it is created with an unposted status.