Import a Budget

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The Import a Budget [bdint] program is used to import a budget file from either Movie Magic or EP Budgeting into PSL3.  This program also provides the option to create new account numbers from the budget you are importing, creating your Chart of Accounts.  Once you have successfully imported a budget into PSL3, you are able to make any necessary modifications (change budgeted amounts, enter budget lines specific to a particular Series, Location or Set Code, delete an account, add an account, etc.) manually in the Budget Amount Entry [bdent] screen.





To access the Import a Budget [bdint] screen, click the 'Budget' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


You can also access this screen by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.




The screen then appears.




Prior to the import process, first save the Movie Magic or EP Budget (.dsc) or Text/Tab delimited (.txt) format file to your computer.  If you are importing from Movie Magic, select 'File' > 'Export' > 'C&C Format'.  If you are importing from EP Budgeting, select 'File' > 'Export' > 'Other' > 'C&C Format'.


Interface File:


Select File - Choose the Text/Tab delimited (.txt) or (.dsc) file you wish to load.  Please note budgets are loaded one at a time.



Budget Information:


Budget Name - Input the name of the budget you are importing which can hold up to six alpha/numeric characters.  After entering the new Budget Name, PSL3 asks, "Budget is not in the database.  Do you wish to create it?".  Select 'Yes'.  Please note each Budget Name must be unique.  Immediately to the right of Budget Name, input the description of the budget which can hold up to 50 alpha/numeric characters.


Production - Press the F2 Key or right click in this field if the Production Code for the budget does not already default.



Create Budget Lines With:


Press the F2 Key or right click in any of these fields (Series, Location, Set, and Currency) to choose the necessary codes if they don't already default.  The codes selected will be associated with the budget lines once created.


*Make sure to input all white colored fields as white fields are required before proceeding in PSL3.



Account Numbers:


Create New Accounts - Check mark this option to create new account numbers from the budget you are importing.  Imported budget line account numbers that do not exist in the Chart of Accounts or that exist in the Chart of Accounts but do not exist in the Budget Name you are importing will be copied into the budget.   If the 'Create New Accounts' box is left unchecked, PSL3 will not create new account numbers from the budget as there may already be a Chart of Accounts for this Production.  If you print the Edit List, the newly created account numbers are identified as 'NEW'; if left unchecked, the report identifies the account numbers as 'ACCOUNT NON-EXISTENT; ignored'.



Process Duplicate Budget Amounts:

If the Budget Name exists and already has budget lines but you are importing additional budget lines, you must tell PSL3 what to do with budget amounts if the import file contains account numbers that duplicate the existing account numbers.  Otherwise, if this is a new Budget Name, leave the default setting as is; nothing will be affected.


Combine - Add import file budget amounts to existing budget amounts.  The result is the sum of the import file budget amounts and the existing budget amounts.


Replace - Replace the existing budget amounts with the import file budget amounts.  The result is the import file budget amounts.


Preserve - Leave the existing budget amounts intact and ignore import file budget amounts.  The result is the existing budget amounts.





Translation - Coding that displays how the budget line account numbers are formatted from the file (. = include account numbers and 0 = ignore account numbers).  Please note the Support Department usually modifies this field if needed.


Account - Displays the account mask for the Chart of Accounts (e.g., XXXX, XX-XX, etc.).  Please note you are not able to access this field.






Please email a request to if you need your databases' account mask changed.  The default account mask for a new database is XXXX.




Print/Preview the Report: Located in the top right hand corner of the screen, you can choose the following options to generate the report:


Print Edit - Opens the Print Dialogue box and sends the report directly to the printer.


Preview Edit - Generates a PDF format report and appears instantly on your screen.  You are still able to print from the PDF format.


Import - Begins the importing process.


Once you select 'Import', PSL3 displays a message similar to the following message prompt confirming the budget is now loaded:





To review or make any changes to the budget, use the Budget Amount Entry [bdent] screen located in the 'Budget' module, then 'Maintenance' sub-folder.





Please be advised if you are importing a budget file from Movie Magic, PSL3 imports both Header and Sub-accounts on occasion.  This works fine for creating the Chart of Accounts, which does not include any amounts; however, the result for the budget is that the budget amount doubles the original amount.  The solution is to manually delete Header Accounts from the budget in Budget Amount Entry [bdent], not Chart of Accounts Entry [glca].






Please email the budget file in Text/Tab delimited (.txt) or (.dsc) format (or both formats to be sure) to should you encounter any problems with the file import.  The Support Department is happy to assist in troubleshooting and/or loading the file for you upon request.