Additional Budget Inquiries and Reports

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PSL3 offers additional Budget Inquiries and Reports which are listed below.  These reports can also be found in the section Additional Cost Report Screens/Reports.





To access the following Budget Reports, click the 'Budget' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


These additional Budget Reports are also located in the 'Cost' module as well as 'Report' module under the 'Budgeting/Cost' sub-folder.


You can also access these reports by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.





To select criteria for the following reporting screens, press the F2 Key or right click in most fields to make your selection. You can also simply type in the criteria in the allotted fields. If you wish to include all criteria information, leave all fields blank except for any white colored fields as white fields are required before proceeding in PSL3.



Account Variance Report [bdvar] - Use [bdvar] to generate a Detailed or Summary list of Variance transactions in your database.  Detailed reporting can include every Variance entry along with the transaction details for each depending on the Date Range input.  The report can be ran by Account Range, Start and End Dates, Multiple Currency, etc. as selection criteria.


Reference Variance Report [bdvep] - Use [bdvep] to print a list of Variances entries for one day or for the entire reporting period, sorted by Account Order or Entry Order.  The report can be used in conjunction with the Bible Report [bdbr] to show how and why account balances do not match the budgeted amounts.






The reports are available in either Print, Preview and/or Spreadsheet formats.






Please email if you don't see a specific PSL3 report currently listed as an option in your database.