Additional/Optional Setup Screens

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PSL3 offers additional/optional Setup Screens which are listed below.





To access the following Setup Screens, click the 'Setup' module from the menu tree.  Additional Setup Screens are also listed in in the 'Setup' module, then 'Reports' sub-folder (see following screen shot).


You can also access these screens by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.





Additional Setup Screens are as follows:



Batch Maintenance Entry [batchent]


Change Password [newpass]


Control A/P Information Entry [suapctrl]


Default Accounts Entry [suacct]


Employee Entry [pcemp]


Free Field Code Entry (1-4) [sufree]


Insurance Code Entry [suins]


Report Group Entry [surpt] (also listed in Additional G/L Entry Screens)


Database Information Entry [sudbinfo]


State Code Entry [sustate]


User Entry [suuser]


System Control Information Entry [suctrl]


Line Type Entry [sulntyp]