Additional G/L Entry Screens

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PSL3 offers additional G/L Entry Screens which are listed below.





To access the following G/L Screens, click the 'G/L' module from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


You can also access these screens by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.





To select criteria for the following screens, press the F2 Key or right click in most fields to make your selection. You can also simply type in the criteria in the allotted fields.



Asset Disposition/Maintenance Entry [assetdis] - Use [assetdis] to find all transactions coded to 'A' (Assets) or any other Free Field Code and provide the Method of Disposition description(s).  This screen allows you to not only input the Method of Disposition next to items flagged as Assets, but also input the Recovered Amount and Disposition Date.  Once entered and saved, you can generate the Asset Recovery Report or Bible Report [bdbr] to display the reporting details.


Report Group Entry [surpt] - Use [surpt] to customize your preferred Trial Balance Report [gltb] format.  This screen allows you to categorize and group together Account Types (Assets, Liabilities, Capital, Income and Expenses) based upon a range of account numbers and Company Codes.  You are able to provide your own descriptions for each account grouping and select whether to include Control Account Totals Only, Sub-totals and/or Company Sub-totals to display.  Once saved, the newly created format will now display as an option in the Report ID field within the Trial Balance Report [gltb] screen.  Please note all PSL3 databases are already pre-set with the SUMMARYTB and DETAILTB Report ID formats as default options (and if you are associated with a studio, then that studio's customized format).