Additional Budget Screens

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PSL3 offers additional Budget Screens which are listed below.





To access the following Budget Screens, click the 'Budget' module, then 'Maintenance' sub-folder from the menu tree (see following screen shot).


You can also access these screens by typing the screen or acronym name in the blue prompt bar located above the 'Setup' menu.  Then, press Enter.





To select criteria for the following screens, press the F2 Key or right click in most fields to make your selection.  You can also simply type in the criteria in the allotted fields.



Budget Name Entry [bdname] - Use [bdname] to add a new Budget Name, find existing Budget Names, modify an exiting budget's Description and Production Code (the Production Code can only be changed if no budget lines have been entered) and delete Budget Names (if no budget lines have been entered).


Copy/Merge Budgets [bdmove] - Use [bdmove] to copy an existing budget or merge two budgets.  This program also allows you to rename a budget by copying it to a new budget with the new name or change all of the budget amounts by the same percentage.  This screen is also used to quickly create a budget for a new Series Code/Episode within one Production.