Systems Architect/DBA Manager

Company Overview

Cast & Crew is a leading provider of payroll services and production accounting services to the Entertainment Industry. Through service offices in Burbank, New York, Baton Rouge, Albuquerque, Toronto and Vancouver, Cast & Crew provides ATL and BTL payroll services to the Motion Picture, Television and Commercial Industries and offers its comprehensive PSL family of production accounting software.

Position Overview

The Systems Architect/DBA Manager is responsible for architecting IT solutions based on business requirements and developer input; architecting EDI/ESB services between Cast & Crew and external clients/vendors as well as all internal EDI/ESB services between applications; managing the day to day activities of the DBA team.

Essential Functions

  • Work with Application Architect to create IT standards and best practices
  • Collaborate with business leaders and Application Architect to create IT solutions aligned to business requirements with a focus on efficiency and cost management
  • Interface with software developers to maintain familiarity with applications being developed in an Agile environment
  • Interact with our external clients to establish/upgrade EDI/ESB services and solutions
  • Responsible for maintaining, standardizing, documenting, and optimizing EDI/ESB environment
  • Resource for advances systems design and Tier III support for technical queries
  • Partner and collaborate with engineering and operational staff as well
  • Maintain and upgrade test and production environments for IBM MQ and CLEO VLTrader
  • Manage the DBA team including operational activities, database / application upgrades, performance reviews and planning / strategy
  • Performs related duties as assigned
  • On call 24x7 for emergencies

Core Competencies

Ability to Adapt in a Changing Environment
  • Supports change and influences others to change
  • Works with other units to affect change
  • Proactive in identifying obstacles to change
Ability to Learn and Further Develop Professionally
  • Sees learning as a constant evolutionary process
  • Extends learning activities beyond current job requirements
  • Creatively uses technology-based learning tools and methodologies
Project Management Skills
  • Effectively leverages self through others
  • Accurately identifies technical/technological and other resource requirements needed to complete project
  • Works with team members to develop meaningful metrics and measurements
Time Management Skills
  • Establishes Priorities, monitors progress and surfaces problems early to avoid delays
  • Able to adjust own schedule to internal and external dynamics
  • Effectively and consistently employs time management systems to achieve objectives
Organizational Skills
  • Adjusts to multiple demands
  • Takes on additional responsibilities when necessary
  • Proactively gathers process feedback about what is working and what is not
Integrity and Credibility
  • Accepts responsibility for completion of tasks and results
  • Exhibits pride and ownership for own work
  • Acts in accordance with own beliefs, even when others may disagree
Communication Skills
  • Adept with electronic communication tools and processes
  • Delivers critical messages by applying appropriate techniques, media, language, etc
  • Collates and interprets information from within the organization
Written Communication Skills
  • Can produce clear and strong messages that are understood by diverse audiences
  • Effectively communicates the issues that are complex in nature verbally and in writing
  • Reviews and edits written work constructively
Leadership Skills
  • Actively assists with daily allocations of resources and coordinates activities
  • Takes responsibility for transferring knowledge to others in the workgroup
  • Oversees individual or multiple functions within a workgroup
Analytical Skills
  • Uses several analytical techniques to identify several solutions and weighs the value of each
  • Actively uses both technical and cognitive skills
  • Can conduct gap analysis and identify shortfalls
  • Uses technology in analysis process
Problem-Solving Skills
  • Champions methods, procedures or systems which reduce time and effort
  • Utilizes technology to increase efficiency in new ways
  • Gathers relevant information systematically- considers broad range of issues or factors


  • Bachelor degree in relevant field, graduate degree a plus but not required
  • 7+ years experience with EDI/ESB engineering
  • 5+ years experience with EDI/ESB administration and troubleshooting
  • 5+ years experience with Oracle applications and Oracle/SQL databases
  • 3+ years experience managing employees
  • 3+ years experience IBM Message Broker Development
  • 2+ years experience IBM MQ and Message Broker Administration
  • Familiarity with CLEO VLTrader a plus

Physical Demands

  • SEDENTARY - Exerts up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, or pull. Involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time.

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